About Us

Andrews Technology is currently in its 20th year of successfully providing leading edge time & attendance solutions to customers from 50 employees to 50,000 employees. Our offices are located in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. We exclusively represent the NOVAtime Time & Attendance System.

Andrews Technology is qualified to provide the highest levels of service. Our company has been rated #1 out of all time and attendance companies in regards to customer satisfaction.  Consistently, the company has received a customer satisfaction rating of over 98%; this evaluation has been provided by an external rating agency.

Andrews Technology is known for providing the highest levels of training in the industry.
The company is extremely confident that its customers will be satisfied with its training program; In fact, Andrews Technology provides unlimited training at no additional charge. We provide customers with unlimited on-site and/or web training. This ensures that customer’s key personnel will be comfortable with the software before going live. In other words, choosing Andrews Technology, maximizes the probability of success of the project.

Unlimited training applies for the duration of the use of the NOVAtime system. If you need a new person trained one, two or five years from now, just give us a call. The additional training will be provided at no charge.

Whether your needs are for cloud based or non-cloud based software, Cloud based or network based software, Andrews Technology has the experience to successfully complete your project. Regarding data collection, if you prefer Badge, Hand Recognition, Fingerprint, PC Entry, PDA or Phone Entry, etc., Andrews Technology will successfully install the technology of your choice as soon as you require.