Computer Entry – Mobile Solutions

Phone-In Solution

Thanks to the internet, working remotely from any part of the globe is now made possible. Instead of commuting to and from a brick-and-mortar office day in and day out, work can be accessed from home or other remote worksites. This mobile workforce is more convenient and accessible, without compromising compliance with existing labor laws.

NOVAtime is a revolutionary breakthrough in the workplace, offering wide-ranging mobile solutions duly incorporated with our key system, and fulfilling the demands of all types of mobile workforce. Basically an old-school bundy clock that has undergone a total technological makeover, NOVAtime provides more convenient and accessible timekeeping for punching in/out of work shifts, break requests, as well as schedule checking – all of which can be accomplished either via an old-school phone call or a quick tap on your smartphone.

Ruggedized Handheld Barcode Scanner

The NT55M is a gadget ideal for on-the-go workers involved in more rugged settings like construction.  Equipped with barcode, this portable clock is durable enough for use in rough job settings. It is Wireless WAN-capable and Wi-Fi certified, making timekeeping for both supervisors and employees mobile and more convenient. Aside from having an impressive 2D scanner capable of scanning either 2D or old-school barcodes, it also showcases a vibrantly colored and user-friendly touchscreen.

SIP phone-in/IVR system

Even in this digital age, there still remain worksites devoid of the internet.  Mobile workers such as construction workers, housekeepers and home health caregivers who happen to work in a place with no internet can still clock in/out and consult work schedules, thanks to the SIP Phone-In Solution from NOVAtime.  Such tasks can be accomplished by a simple phone call via a system secured with auto-transfers for clocking workers into their assigned locations as well as caller ID account lockouts. It is guaranteed that employees can call only from official locations specified, using numbers that have been duly authorized.

Web punch

NOVAtime is a comprehensive web-based solution that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, and using any device – be it a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. All that this system requires is a stable internet connection. Demanding nothing more but your web browser to be standard, no extra software is needed. The screen display can also be automatically adjusted to varying sizes. Plus, its geolocation option helps employers confirm if workers are punching in/out using authorized numbers from official locations.

Native Mobile Apps for iOS, Android Smartphones, And Windows 10 Smartphones

Did you know that 83% of millennials take their smartphones to bed with them? With this inevitable trend, NOVAtime takes things to the next level by providing native mobile applications designed for Android™ smartphones and Apple iOS. Available for iPad®, iPhone® and other tablets, these apps are promising ways for increasing productivity as well as keeping your mobile workers consistently responsive in real-time.