NT65M Portable PDA

NT65M Mobile Workforce Solution with Barcode Scanner

A convenient, portable, and compact hand-held device for easy task supervision of your mobile workforce.

Product Overview

NOVAtime’s compact NT65M makes job tracking fast and easy with this portable hardware solution created to make workforce management simple. The NT65M is guaranteed to work with any network setting that has Wi-Fi connection and can also be setup with its Wireless WAN connectivity.

This portable job tracking solution offers a safe and convenient way to relay real-time workforce information with its seamless data synchronization and user-friendly functions. The NT65M has an IP67 rating guaranteed to provide full protection from common elements like dust and water. A convenient and functional mobile device, NOVAtime’s NT65M gives you a trouble-free workforce optimization ability used for any work environment.

Workforce Accessibility Features & Functionality:

  • Clocking in and out.
  • Fast multi-employee transfers to any group or department.
  • Time-off bid or request submission.
  • Input hours for personal days including sick leaves and other personal vacations.
  • Input bonuses, tips, and other monetary rewards.

On-demand kiosk features and programmed supervisor functionality:

  • Employee timesheet viewing.
  • Work schedule viewing for a specific employee.
  • Access to employee accrual data such as personal leaves, sick leaves, and vacation hours.
  • Access to point system employee performance information and tracking data.

Large workforce management and other optional features:

  • Photo enabled identification of employees corresponding to a successful punch. (A NOVAtime system photo import is required)
  • Lockout feature that lower overtime expenditures. “Total Hour” feature restricts an employee from clocking in if he goes beyond the predefined maximum number working hours.


The NT65M removes complicated data collection with its advanced technology making employee management intuitive, simple, and effective.

  • High quality 2D photo scanner for a fast and efficient image scanning of traditional 2D QR codes and other barcodes. The NT65M can also be used for barcode images displayed on a mobile phone screen.
  • State-of-the-art Push Technology enabled through WAN connectivity. Users can automatically “punch” information to the app providing real-time communication with the NOVAtime servers.
  • Consistent and uninterrupted communication between the device and NOVAtime Servers maintained by NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services (NEWS). The NT65M Mobile Workforce Solution also has a built-in multiple level of authentication making employee data safe and secure.
  • Automatic and maintenance-free data synchronization for simple and fast bi-directional updates systematically installed to each device without physical manipulation.
  • Straightforward implementation enabled through Wi-Fi network options and authenticated for enterprise-level security systems.
  • User-friendly configurations that allow access to settings and functions. The device is conveniently synchronized and managed through the NOVAtime system.
  • Responsive and dynamic touch screen with vibrant colors for clarity and usability.