NT7000 Smart Time Clock

Our versatile design adds a full color and touch-screen kiosk for modern capability. Employees enjoy convenience when using self-service.



NOVAtime’s NT7000 terminal offers standard functionality options regarding clocking in, out, and transferring. Furthermore, you’ll be impressed with the full range of options this kiosk that is a self-service unit offers to your entire workforce including the one of a kind video display feature. The NT7000 will now utilize NOVAtime’s advanced PUSH technology, completely removing the requirement for data download processes including legacy polly, as all data communications are performed in real-time. Our customers come to us with unique needs and exclusive functionality requirements, which is why we’ve come to offer a range of clock options from fingerprint readers, to proximity (RFID/HID), , and from wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity to key entry. We’ve anticipated your needs so that we can offer a NT7000 smart clock for all businesses. Additionally, the biometric fingerprint readers used within the NT7000 support an astounding automatic enrollment feature that is capable of holding up to 50,000 punches while offline.

Employees Will Enjoy These Features:

  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, French & both simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • Clock out and in utilizing key-in, proximity, fingerprint, (including employee ID, SSN, or badge number), or any combination of these approaches;
  • Transfer groups from multiple levels to support workforce budget needs;
  • Key in vacation time, personal leave, sick leave, etc.
  • Key in tips, dollar amounts for bonuses, tips, etc.
  • Store and view work flow schedules, timesheets, employee accrual balances, as well as data tracking performance;
  • Automate time-off requests;
  • Clock in and out times available to view from both on and offline modes;
  • View up to three weeks of offline punches;
  • Submit timesheets for review and approval;
  • Timesheet comparing tool to confirm or deny timesheets with management;

Management and Supervisory Staff Will Enjoy These Features:

  • Multilingual support (English, Spanish, French & both simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • Tool and features for management to input employee lockouts, meal lockouts, and schedules;
  • Easily access work schedules, employee timesheets, data used to track performance, and accrual balances;
  • Send secure messages to your employees;

Other Functions

  • Provides seamless communication to the NOVAtime server;
  • Supports your HR department as an extension that will support after-hours inquiries;
  • For those employees without the ability to utilize desktop computers, self-service functions eliminate the need for proximity to an HR Office;
  • Reduce and eliminate polling or data collection required with advance push technology that provides real-time data;
  • Supports management with full leave with the system for requesting time off;
  • Provides self-maintenance utilizing bi-directional synchronization of the data;
  • Reduce manual requests from employees to management making it easier to maximize their productivity;
  • Provides simple support and maintenance;
  • Makes sure of reliability and accuracy, removing concerns and questions about your workforce management processes;
  • Provides a touch screen that is easy to use;
  • Employees will be unable to clock in or out for other employees;
  • Saves the money and time of having to create and hand out badges;
  • Provides money saving abilities and is simple to use—your finger works as your badge!