Phone-In Solution

Phone-In Solution

NOVAtime’s Phone-In Solution works with kiosk compatibility and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is a practical solution that offers mobility for short-term or for a diverse workforce located anywhere in the world.

Product Overview

Phone-In punch functionality is ideal for companies with a remote workforce or those with mobile employees. The system can be accessed no matter when and where using a personal phone. Construction companies, people working in the health sector and those involved in housekeeping greatly benefits from using the features of a telephone punch.

NOVAtime offers Phone-In or Integrative Voice Response perfectly combined with the NOVAtime Workforce Management system allowing time and attendance management. The intuitive design permits an employee to dial a specific phone number to log in or out of work. It also gives an employee the ability to do job transfers, listen to their scheduled tasks, and take advantage of workforce utilities and other features real time without polling for information.

The Phone-In system has a lockout caller-ID support enabling employees to call a set of predetermined and programmed phone number. It also functions for automated group transfers entitling your workforce to promptly and automatically transfer to a designation task or department. Employees simply call a predefined number to access this feature.

Workforce Accessibility Features & Functionality:

  • Clock in and out of work with a punch confirmation received via SMS.
  • Utilize custom-made job or department transfers
    • Transfer for single-level groups (i.e. simple jobs transfer)
    • Transfer for multi-level groups (ie. transfer to a different department including a different job allocation)
    • Real-time voice prompted work schedule previews and updates.
    • Optional work schedule text messaging.
    • Absence or sick time reporting.
    • Receive recorded messages from superiors and supervisors.

Supervisor Accessibility Features & Functionality:

  • Lockout caller ID feature that enables an employee to punch only from authorized telephone numbers.
  • Work schedule-based lockout feature to allow employees to punch in or out to their designated work times.
  • Caller-ID assignment for an automated group transfer
  • Voice message delivery to a specific employee or group of employees.


  • Uses push technology allowing access to real time data without information polling or needing data collection.
  • Removes waiting time to obtain copies of files and documents.
  • Lessens time spent on data entry for supervisor and field workers.
  • Expands daily employee engagement on internal and workflow processes such as punching or scheduling.
  • Boosts an effective employee-supervisor communication strategy within the company.
  • Scalable system that provides functionality regardless of the company size.
  • Available in two languages: Spanish and English.
  • Fully-integrated employee management solution without any other 3rd party involvements.