Add-on Modules

Add-on Modules From NOVAtime

If you already have the NOVAtime terminal in place, add these modules for better workforce management and productivity. Below are some product descriptions and overview so you have a better idea of what each module can do.


This software is an add-on module for the NOVAtime 5000. It provides a platform for you to use for your Software as Service data in Microsoft Office. This add-on app for your workforce management network device allows you to send or extract figures, graphs and information from preset tables integrated in the app. It employs Pivot Tables, MS Excel or Pivot Charts to extrapolate data.

NOVApower Analytics™

Through Open Data Protocol, you can synch NOVAtime 5000 system to NOVApower for data visualization. Companies always struggle with big data, and how they can be converted into easy to digest visual formats to relay the message to management and personnel alike. It features pre-programmed graphs that are aesthetically pleasing, but also easily understandable. You can also schedule the deployment of the reports through an email.


The Advanced Schedule Module eliminates the middleman, so to speak, as you can automatically schedule tasks for employees, input the location, key in the certifications as well as the other qualifications. You limit employee-management interaction by allowing employees to just check the terminal for scheduled tasks, or if they are on leave.

You can list down the employees that are eligible to perform a required undertaking. Next to the employee name are the contact details, the work summaries as well as the full accounting of all tasks that are denied and accepted.

Employees can also bid for work or a particular shift using the ASM, or swap schedule with their co-workers. If a vacancy opens up, the system can automatically contact any available employee through text message or voice call to perform the same job.

Among the key features of are:

  • PBJ Reporting for Healthcare. The Affordable Care Act, specifically Sec. 6106, mandates companies to submit employee data to the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). NOVAtime solutions are already custom-built to match the PBJ reporting requirements. All you need to do is to import the data from the app and in the CMS system.
  • Family Medical Leave Act. The Family Medical Leave Act or the FMLA provides employees the privilege of taking an official paid leave without risking their job tenure. Any violation of this law will carry harsh penalties. Meanwhile, the NOVAtime module is already synced with all the requirements of the law. That means you don’t have to worry about monitoring the number of hours the employees have rendered before they can be eligible for a leave. The law asks for 12-month service, or about 1,250 hours, prior to eligibility. You will be notified by the system about the upcoming scheduled leave.
  • NOVAtime Scheduler. This module provides a full schedule feature for both the temporary workforce and regular personnel. Regardless of whether you operate on regular working schedule, or employ various shifts, this solution can do the job easily. You are guaranteed accuracy of scheduling report, as well as full time equivalency, again in compliance with the law.
  • Private Notification. You can send private messages and notifications to your employees. Important events and tasks will no longer be ignored as employees will be given timely alerts to remind them of the task at hand. On the flip side, management can also monitor employee performance in relation to the obligations and responsibilities.
  • Tracking Expenses. With the NOVAtime Expense module, employees can submit reports on expenses to management with no problem at all. The power to give your worker access to the module is entirely up to you. With the authorization, they can then input their reports on the expected expenses through the web services. The supervisors, in turn, can reject or approve these requests.
  • NOVAtime Lockouts. You can schedule lockouts and thereby eliminate risks for employees trying to key in overtime hours. They also can’t log into the system if they arrived in the office too early, nor can they check out if they try to leave too early. There’s a Global Lockout feature to cover all employees, as well as customized lockout to single out problematic workers.
  • NOVAtime ATD. The Automated Time Distribution module gives supervisors the flexibility to apportion work hours. This is fully automatic, without any input from the workers themselves. This app will also allow you to compute the total number of hours required in a day and with this data, divide the hours to available workers. This is perfect for work environments with changing labor costs and real-time transfers. A full report can also be accessed by the supervisor for scrutiny.
  • NOVAtime Point System. Employees will no longer have time to play hooky from work as this module will monitor their attendance as well as the corresponding exceptions, if there are any. You can adopt a incentive system using this technology. For instance, tardiness, absences or playing hooky will earn a demerit. Good workers will then be incentivized to even work better. Supervisors can also key in the output benchmarks, which can later be accessed for scrutiny to find out which of the workers should be rewarded and which should be punished. Once a worker exceeds the allowed ceiling for tardiness, he or she can be notified immediately by the HR for warning or sanction. You can save time and resources by not having to appoint somebody to watch each and every one of your employees.
  • NOVAtime PPACA Module. This tool will give companies the ability to track full time employees and part-time workers for Full-Time Equivalent conversion. This is necessary so as to avoid violating provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which carry stiff penalties. This app features:
  1. Precise computation of full-time equivalency
  2. Comprehensive reporting on the number of hours and full-time equivalents
  3. Determination of the stability periods, initial measurement and management of current personnel
  4. Determination of stability periods, initial measurement and management of new employees

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